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We pride ourselves on being an innovation, solution-based, client-centric business. Our years of experience and partnerships will turn your real estate dream into a reality..

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First and foremost, we offer you the best possible interest rates on your mortgage, alongside various mortgage products that can meet your specific needs. Additionally, we provide you with the necessary guidance and support that you need. .

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Meet The #AG Team

Andrew Gad

Mortgage Agent Level 2 | Lic #M20000321

Morcos Gendi

Mortgage Agent Level 1 | Lic #M23005957

Diana Curcio

Mortgage Agent Level 1 | Lic #M22003416

Happy Clients


Our Services

image First-Time Buyer

Is It Time to Purchase Your First Home?

We are your trusted advisor throughout your first home-buying process. 


image Investment Property

Considering an Investment Property?

We can help you in more than one way to finance an investment property.

image Vacation Home

Looking for a Weekend or Vacation Home?

We have your borrowing needs covered with our Vacation Home Mortgage Solutions. 

image Pre-Construction

Pre-Construction Financing Options Available

We will make sure you know what’s going on every step of the way to avoid any surprises.

image Building Your Home

Help Building Your Dream Home

You can acquire financing when building the home in phases and several advances over time. 


image Equity Access

Built Equity In Your Home?

Over time, the value of your home will be increased, which means you can access the equity.

image Second Mortgages

Looking for a Second Home?

A second mortgage is a mortgage that is established in addition to your original mortgage.

image Debt Consolidation

Looking to Merge Multiple Loans?

There are options for homeowners who want to combine the balances you owe into one mortgage.

image Line Of Credit

How to Use Equity for Line of Credit

This type of financing is an excellent option for people who need money to renovate or consolidate.

image Commercial

Looking to Buy a Business?

Our personalized service works one-on-one with you every step throughout the commercial investment process.

image Private Mortgages

Need an Innovative Solution?

Private mortgage lenders help you finance your property when regular options are not possible.

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